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Why we need your support

Bat populations are declining worldwide and are at risk in Malawi due to high levels of deforestation, persecution and the hunting of bats for food.

Bats perform important roles as seed dispersers, pollinators and predators and are critical to ecosystem functioning. However, there is limited understanding of bats and their habitats in Malawi and continued research is vital in order to provide long term protection for bats and put an end to their persecution.


ABC conducts long term biodiversity monitoring to assess threats to bats and provide recommendations about their conservation. ABC also works with local communities to increase understanding of the importance of bats, dispel myths and mitigate human-bat conflict.

Here are a few ways your money could help


£40 could buy 8 bat boxes

£180 could buy 2 mist nets

£1,500 could fund our Helpline for 3 months

£16,000 could buy a reliable 4 x 4

DSC_3502_Banana bat_Neoromicia nana_flig
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