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Plain faced bats

Vespertilionids form the largest family of bats. Sometimes called ‘evening bats’, they are characterised by the absence of noseleafs, a long tail fully enclosed within the tail membrane, and a conspicuous tragus of variable shape and size.

There are just two subfamilies within the southern African vespertilionids: Vespertilioninae and Kerivoulinae.


Vesper bats have an average wingspans and wing areas, so they are flexible in their foraging behaviour and often switch between open-air and clutter-edge space.

S.leucogaster profile.jpg
S.dinganii profile.jpg
S.albofuscus profile.jpg
S.hindei profile.jpg
P.rusticus profile.jpg
P.rueppellii profile.jpg
P.hesperidus profile.jpg
P.grandidieri profile.jpg
N.zuluensis profile.jpg
N.schlieffeni profile.jpg
N.rendalli profile.jpg
N.nana profile.jpg
N.capensis profile.jpg
M.tricolor profile.jpg
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