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Research Projects

We are working on a number of applied research projects on bats and biodiversity throughout Malawi. We focus on applied conservation research to conserve species and their habitats and inform conservation practice. Currently we are conducting research in the following key areas:

Bats and farms

We are conducting experiments to assess the ecosystem service provided by insect eating bats through control of agricultural pests.

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Bats & Biodiversity Monitoring Programme

We are creating a standardised national monitoring programme for bats and biodiversity in Malawi.

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Urban Wildlife Project

We have established a Wildlife Assistance Helpline and outreach programmes to educate and assist with human-wildlife conflicts in the urban environment.

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Wildlife and People

ABC see the importance of people-based conservation. Bats are neither protected nor thought well of in Malawi, as is the often the case across much of Africa. Superstitions, fear and a lack of understanding endangers bats through direct persecution and through poor practices and policy-making. Through education & awareness in schools, communities and stakeholders as well as capacity building with DNPW staff, ABC aims to combat these problems, primarily in our target areas of Liwonde and Lilongwe.

Education & Awareness

Raising public awareness about the importance of bats and biodiversity is vital to the conservation of these poorly understood animals.

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Capacity Building

ABC aims to build capacity for bat conservation, research and monitoring in Malawi.

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