Bats & Biodiversity Monitoring Programme

ABC aims to build capacity for long-term bat conservation, research and monitoring in Malawi. Central to achieving this aim is the development of a long-term Bats and Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (BBMP) to assess the status, distribution of and threats to bats and biodiversity in Malawi.


Standardised monitoring surveys are conducted in five different habitat types initially in Liwonde NP and surrounding areas, but over time at sites across the country.

We are creating permanent survey sites which are monitored using harp-trapping, mist netting and acoustic monitoring of bat echolocation calls using Song Meter SM2BAT+ and SM3BAT bat detectors. Habitat and insect surveys are also conducted at each site. 

This will enable us to measure relative species diversity and abundance between habitats. Surveys are being repeated each year to build long-term datasets allowing us to monitor trends in abundance and diversity over time.

batbeing measured

Bats and Biodiversity Database

We have created a bats and biodiversity database to store and record all sightings and records gathered from the ABC research projects and the Bats & Biodiversity Monitoring Programme. This will provide an effective easy to use conservation tool for wildlife managers to facilitate long-term conservation and monitoring of bats and biodiversity in Malawi. We are training wildlife managers (DNPW) in the use of the database to ensure long-term sustainability.

Please contact the research team for more information about the BBMP.



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