Bat Species in Malawi

Malawi has been highlighted by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as of key importance to bat conservation in Africa, having high endemism and species diversity. However, it has also been highlighted as an area of concern for bat populations due to increasing agricultural pressures on the environment, and high levels of deforestation.

Not much is known about African bats, but a total of 116 bat species have been recorded within Southern Africa and Malawi is estimated to have over 64 species.

ABC have already discovered a new bat species for Malawi previously never recorded here, and have also recorded two other species that have only been found in a handful of locations in southern Africa.

Click on the bat families below to find species profiles for bats that have been recorded by ABC in Malawi.

Pteropodidae Hipposideridae

Emballonuridae Miniopteridae Rhinolophidae

Nycteridae Vespertilionidae Molossidae


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